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Our Police Department Hires Geniuses...

So, on my drive home this evening, there was a section of road blocked off. I didn't see exactly why, but there was a fire truck and several police cars in the area. In addition, there were police officers directing cars onto the parallel sides streets to bypass the closed area. There are roads to both sides of Shenandoah Ave. So, from Shenandoah, the officers were directing everyone to TURN LEFT. Which meant when it was time to turn back onto Shenandoah, you had to TURN LEFT AGAIN. But... you see...

map of messed-up routing

All those left turns were crossing the opposing traffic. It was a nightmare. It was a mess. It had to have been set up by geniuses (tm).

EDIT 01/10/03: I have replaced the ASCII illustration with a proper graphic. The green area is where the road was blocked. Because of the setup of side streets, the turns were just really annoying, since traffic was "crossing" itself twice.

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