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Trip Report

Okay, while we were away, I jotted down two partial entries in my Clie. So the first two sections were written during "idle" times during our trip. The last section was written just as I was posting this entry. (Any other method would probably "hide" this update back in history....)

JCPenney @ 2:54pm

We acheived our goal of eating at Panera Bread, even if Lis didn't go for a bagel after all. We then got my stop out of the way. We spent over an hour in CompUSA, and I drooled over the Macs for a good part of it.

Right now we are in JCPenney's in the mall by CompUSA. We're planning on getting a drink and looking through the rest of the mall. I am hoping they have a Select Comfort store so I can try an airbed out. Lately it feels like a spring is poking my stomach when I lay in our bed.

Macaroni Grill @ 5:41pm

We are now seated at Romano's Macaroni Grill for dinner. We were at the mall until just before five; obviously we found several stores to look through.

There was a Select Comfort store, but the store was empty except for the two salespersons. I really didn't feel like dealing with that so we passed, but Lis pointed out a Williams Sonoma store and we looked around in there. We also hit the arcade and EBgames. EB had SimCity 4 on the shelves already, so we snarfed a copy for us.

We left the mall and went by Xanadu, to let me looka t toys and to hopefully get some directions to Romano's Macaroni Grill. Obviously we were sucessful! So now we're just waiting for dinner, and them home to Roanoke.

Home @ 10:23pm

We've been home for a bit, and have put some of our purchases to use. Lis has played a little SimCity 4, as well as tried on one of her purchases from JCPenney's, and I played with my toy from Xanadu. Actually, when we got home our cable modem was offline, but obviously that's no longer an issue! Don't know what to do for a half hour or so, but I think this is definitely going to be an early evening for me, I got worn out by Lis twice today! Not to mention the 200+ miles round-trip of driving!

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