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I just comfort myself... - Sam's Journal

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January 16th, 2003

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11:15 pm - I just comfort myself...
Life is not as bad as work. Life is more than work. Life is Lisana and friends.

I need to work on remembering these things as the idjits at work harass me.

Onto more personal note-ish type issues... tomorrow night is a Halo get-together, so I hope Lis finds something good to do while I'm off for 6 hours or so. Saturday we need to finish putting Christmastime stuff into the storage room, clean up some, and I really should work on my resume some. I'm starting to believe that my resume isn't conveying the image I want it to.

The image I want, of course, is "this guy is so amazing that we can't afford not to hire him."

Because then I can find a new work. That hopefully won't have as many idjits. :-)
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed

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