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What An Evening... - Sam's Journal

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January 18th, 2003

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03:21 am - What An Evening...
So the Halo game night was supposed to start around 6pm and finish up around midnight. At 2:30am, I took my leave because I didn't want to fall asleep there, 'cause there wasn't any room to really crash. And it is terribly cold out tonight, so in-car crashing wouldn't have been cool either. Well, it would have been downright cold, but not cool :^).

It was a cool time; I held my own for a fair part of the evening. We mixed it up between free-for-alls and team games, different maps, different game types.

Tonight is something I'd definitely like to do more of. However, I really need it to be different things, and things that Lis would enjoy doing with me. Video game nights probably won't be her thing, but a general movie night or anime night (or, as babyraver suggests, anime days ^_^) would be really cool.

Of course... maybe I should get this place more presentable, find some good anime, and try inviting people over. What a concept! *giggle*

The drive home proves how boring this place is, though. 2:30am and I pass maybe 12 cars (and 12 tractor-trailers) total over about 15 or 20 miles. It was dead on the roads out there. (Okay, so I wasn't on the main interstate, but still.) Sorta weird, but it makes me want to find a more exciting place to live!
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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