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I am known by many names...

Why "Jevim Westhaven?" It's as arbitrary as any other name I may give you. There's my given, honest-to-god real name, Sam. There's my original nick, Pyro. The nick my first girlfriend gave me, KevinBear. (My first girlfriend, who still uses the nick Kermit to my knowledge, was very imporant to me. Together we discovered our sexuality: myself as a bisexual, and herself as a lesbian.) There's my more modern nick, RoanokeHokie. Jevim has been a personality that I created when I started my first journal. I think it's fitting to bring it back now.

Okay, Jevim. Why "Jevim Westhaven?" My fiancee had created a character of her own to place in the world of Valdemar. Her last name was Westhaven. I feel it is a fitting symbol of where I am now, and as arbitrary as any other name I may pick.

So, I am Jevim Westhaven. Or, I should say, my true self, which I hope to uncover here, will be named Jevim Westhaven.

I remember something from an English class in college. A book by Ursula K. LeGuin, I believe, named Tehanu. One of the concepts of the book (assuming I remember it correctly) is that names have power over us. And in the book, the most powerful bit of information is someone's true name. And only a few people had the understanding to discover someone's true name. Hopefully, together, I as the writer and you as the reader, we can discover my true name, and the self that goes with it.

p.s. No one ever said I had any coherent throughts...

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