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Everyday, as I leave work, I take my Prilosec for my acid reflux. So today I'm going into the breakroom and getting a cup of water to take the pill, while two co-workers are already hanging around and chatting. As I grab my cup, Angela says, "Sam's lost some weight." Which, of course, catches me off guard!

I was so shocked that one of my co-workers noticed that I've slimmed down some. It lead into a conversation of how I've done it, which causes me to find out that Angela and Kirk take acid reflux-control meds, though different than mine. I just find that I haven't really changed that much in my diet... I opt for mustard instead of mayo on sandwiches, and just try to eat until I've had enough, not until I'm full. It's just... I don't think of myself as dieting.

But anyway... I was just so shocked that someone outright called me on it! But it's a very happy thing :-)

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