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Up Late...

..and looking possibilites for a birthday-time trip to LA.

Right now, I'm thinking of a long trip... 21st to 31st of the month, covering two weekends. Airfare, hotel, and rental car come to a bit over $1300. Not including parking, or takes on hotel or car rental. So I'll call it $1500. Add on dining out over that period, that's anywhere from $250 to $750 total for the trip. Of course, there will be other indicentals, and things we just "pick up" because we have the chance, so budget $500 there. That $500 also goes towards admissions if we do anything like Disney or Univeral while we're there.

So... $2750 damage total? For 10 days... $275/day. I can deal with that...

Of course there are other things that I'm not sure about and want to clear up hopefully before locking this stuff down. But... depending on how all that goes, might be able to start reserving everything in a few days, while I still have the nerve!

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