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So this weekend, lisana and I went by Wherehouse to peruse the shelves. I thought Lisana deserved a little reward for putting up with the doctor visits last week, but Thursday it was just too cold and windy for her to want to run around. Saturday, however, it was better.

All told, we had a good $80 day at Wherehouse, including two discs for me. A CD on one of the listening stations caught my eye, so I gave it a listen, and really liked what I was hearing. Bond is a string quartet, but this ain't no ordinary "classical" music. First... classical musicians usually don't dress like that! Second, strong drum beats run through most of their pieces. And thirdly... classical musicians usually don't dress like that! (Why did you think the CD on the listening station caught my eye?)

So I picked up that CD, which was their latest release, and went looking over in the Dance section for more, figuring that the beats would lead to them being there. But, alas, there was no Bond, used or otherwise. So where else to look? Classical! Yes! So I went there... nope, still nothing. Rock? What the fuck? Why the hell is this categorized as rock? I really really think this deserves a better classification than "rock".

Regardless... I brought the two discs in to work with me. Being mostly lyric-free but upbeat, I think it'll make some great work music.

ps. *hugs* to my Lis, hope you feel better soon...

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