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This is going to be a different day for many people. Lisana was a little upset when she first heard some people mentioning it in EverQuest. CNN Headline News had the answers pretty quick... while not official, it would appear that something serious occured on re-entry of the shuttle.

But, honestly, I was worried something like this was coming. Space exploration (and I feel that it still what we are doing) is not something that can be done both safely and cheaply, and the federal government, over the past decade, has not put foth the amount of resources I feel are needed to safely operate the space program. The Space Shuttles are wonderful technology, but aging versions of themselves. Really, new shuttles (even if they are of the same design) should have replaced all of the original shuttles by now, allowing those shuttles to be torn down so the designers could learn if there were any hard-to-find hidden defects in the design.

I'm sad about this, but I'm pissed too. Pissed at the U.S. Federal Government. How about this Mr. Bush: take all your "drug war" money and spend it on the space program. Really. You'll stop harrassing people who have injured no one, and make it safer for the world to explore space and learn more about our world.

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