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So How Was Today?

Lisana and I got out today and did some much-needed supply shopping. A quick trip to Sam's Club, with a little stopover at Kroger's afterwards, and we've got some supplies for a bit, most importantly toilet paper!

While prepping Quicken for the early bill cycle, I realized that we need to behave ourselves a bit better. If we can handle our finances a bit better in the upcoming 48 days, we'll be able to relax more and not have to worry about behaving while we're in California so much.

I finally installed my copy of TurboTax to start doing the taxes. I owe the feds a little over $100, and the state owes me a little over $30. But I hate TurboTax, and I might have to do something else next year. Why? Because there's a product key that will let you print or e-file only from the FIRST computer that you installed TurboTax on. From then on, it won't print or e-file. Heaven help me should my hard drive crash & burn.

I scanned in a lot of artwork stuffs related to Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I still need to decide how much of it will be available for general, and how much will be just for me. But I got the Japanese Special Edition playing card set and special photo booklet, with some cool prints. I shared some of the early scans with a few online friends, but we'll see what i turn it into.

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