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Best Buy == Evil

They know that I'm trying to behave. They obviously have an automated script checking for when I last purchased something. They're not playing fair!

Today's ad.... just... someone, please take it away and burn it! But it's not going to help, because my brain has already been infected!

So Lisana and I are surfing around looking at computers. I need to cut up all the plastic before we go and buy something. But we both have our reasons.

For me... it's called DVD recorder. I found out that my DVD player doesn't like CD-R media... it can't even tell there's a disc inserted. But I'd love to take my little video camera and make DVD's so I can send movies to people (like my mom). *sigh* Well... plus I've got tons of other media files *cough*Chobits*cough* that I could burn out to DVD and watch in the living room.

Yes, I got this neato little BroadQ thing for my PS2, but I don't have enough bandwidth between the computer room and the living room to stream the files without occasional skips. Besides, burned DVDs would also let me prepare a lot of cool watching material for the plane trip out to Cali. oooh, I need a headphone splitter so Lis & I can both listen while we're watching. And I need to time-check my laptop's battery life while playing DVDs. I wonder how much an extra battery is....

Damn you Best Buy! I was being so good lately!

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