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Stealing More Ideas...

From Lux's post, from who knows where before that...

I'm sitting... on the couch in the living room.
I'm wearing... briefs & grey shorts.
The taste on my tongue is... pretty neutral.
The time of day is... 10:17 AM EDT
The other people in the house are... Lis, also on the couch (but more asleep), and two cats.
Tomorrow I am going to... work. Argh.
I need to... learn how to relax.
By the end of the summer I plan on... go on a Carribean cruise!
I always gets confused by... females.
I miss... college & the dorms.
If I could chane on thing about me it would be... my weight.
The best feeling in the world is... Lis's arm around me in a hug.
Something that always makes me smile is... the kitties!
I want to... feel better about myself.
My most life altering moment so far... deciding to co-op in college.
Giving that I had 46 billion dollars... pay off all the loans (car/college). Retire. Become the next generation's Hugh Hefner.
While traveling on a trip around the world the 1st place I would stop would be... Antarctica, so everywhere else will seem warm.
Most people don't realize it but... where to start? Um... damn, most people don't realize that they don't know squat about the real me.
If I had to wear one shirt for the rest of my life it would be... something with a VT logo on the front.
I don't believe I really know... what I do not know.
In conclusion to this lil thing I just filled out I'd like to say... Lux rocks, Catt and Bonsai rock, and NakkidNerds rock!

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