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I Wanna Live in L.A.

Okay, back from gaming night at a co-worker's place. About 6 hours of Halo. Only 6 people this time, though, which detracted from it I guess. Or maybe the fact that I'm just so excited about the Interview trip and the Cali trip (even though they're both to California, the two trips will retain those distinct names).

But... there was rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice, all sorts of nasty stuff that accumulated while I was inside playing video games, oblivious. I decided around 1am that it was time to venture out and check if things would work. It took a while to chip away at the layer of ice on the car, but I got it into acceptable shape and drove home without incident. Of course, I never got up above 35 MPH out of safety concern... and that was on the 55 MPH freeway! The 35 MPH surface streets, I did more like 20 MPH. So it took longer than usual to get home. But home safe is good.

But it makes me realize that I could definitely deal with that no-freezing-stuff L.A. climate.

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