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The Separation of Home and Work

Why is it that when I'm at work, I don't want to work? And when I'm away from work, I think up the cool ideas that I could implement at work, but I'm not at work. And when I get back to work, I can't remember the ideas because I didn't write them down because I wasn't at work when I thought of the idea?

Oh yeah... I've been given a second task now. A semi-important second task. But I still have the first task to deal with. Multi-tasking. The new task is some design work (yay!), but I want to do it right. But I don't think aobut it well while I'm at work. And I don't want to work on it while I'm at home.

But, then... when I'm at work, I do non-work things. (Duh. Journal...) But I don't do work things at home... should I? At least a little... well... I could say I owe it.

But then, do I owe anything to the company?

Hmmm... getting off track here. Brain shift. Okay, well maybe that's what I'll do tonight. Sit at home and write specifications. Beats sitting here at work and trying to do it. I have "nothing" to do at home anyway.

Tuesday was a New Game day, Lis picked up a copy of Anarchy Online. So she's splitting time between two MMORPG's. At least I can't complain about her spending all of her time in EverQuest anymore. :^)

But it means I need to be more self-entertaining. Maybe work would help. Not that I won't chat or watch TV or listen to music or just relax, too, but if I'm working too... I'll feel productive. And that makes me feel happy.

Maybe this separation stuff is just a bad idea...

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