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Okay, day so far:

Packed up from the hotel & checked out around 10ish. Drive home to Roanoke. Stop at Best Buy in case there are any good deals--of course not--and then run by Wally World to get foodstuffs for lisana to sustain her through the interview trip.

Come home, haul everything in, put groceries away. Personal care. Haul out to the dumpster the sciene projects discovered in the veggie drawer while putting the new stuff away. Stop on the way back & check mail, and haul in the Sunday paper. Check the mail for important-looking things, two candidates. Number one is my Men's Wearhourse charge card, not that I actually needed the piece of plastic when I bought my suit.

The other is a new Visa card set, just to get us onto a Visa that has a rewards program of some sort. So gotta get the old Visa account cleared & closed. Plus this new card has 6 months 0% promo financing, which should go across the "moving window" and let me charge moving expenses & hold them on Visa until I could get reimbursed for them. *crossing fingers*

Mail processed, start the suitcase turn: haul it into the bedroom, toss all the worn clothing into the hamper, replace with new unworn clothing, fix toiletries bag supplies. This Carolina trip helped out in the sense that I can fix all the things I didn't have with me that I needed to get ready in the morning, mostly the fact that my little bottle of bodywash that was in the toiletries bag was basically empty, so that got refilled. My electric razor also decided to start eating through its foil again, so we got a replacment at Wally World and that's in the cleaning base right now, and I'll pack that in a bit.

Dinner will probably be hot dogs, nice quick simple & easy on the stomach. My tummy behaved well over the weekend, despite the steak & other foods that got thrown at it... although I did try my best to be reasonable about it. Gotta refill my little Prilosec bottle, and make sure that's with me. I'm still debating on checking the hanging bag, which contains my suit. I have my suitcase on wheels, with clothes and my carrying bag that I will use while I'm there, the computer bag (which must be carried on) for in-flight entertainment, and then the undecided hanging bag... suggestions? I'm leaning towards checking it just to simplify my job of getting things through the airport.

Oh yeah, I did find something at Best Buy... $50 pair of noise-cancelling headphones. If they work well for me on this trip, we'll go get a second pair for Lisana to use during the Cali trip. *crossing fingers*

Now I just have to figure out what to do with myself this afternoon...

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