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Hey you! Yeah, you! Who do you think I'm talking to? Well, yeah, I'm talking to them too, but I'm also talking to you! So listen up! You must forgive me for typing in such an enthusiastic voice! For I have been watching Excel Saga and it has damaged by brain! But the secret organization of ACROSS needs even those who are brain damaged! Yes!

Wait, there was a point.... oh yeah! Tomorrow I fly to the L.A. area for my job interview, which is on Tuesday. I am unsure if I will get to post again before the interview, so wish me luck! I will also get the chance to hang with babyraver & f0rge on Tuesday evening, so anyone who wants to meet me while I'm out there needs to talk with those two about it, they're my agents ;-).

But I must go get some sleep... hotels are OK, but I need a good night's sleep on my own bed...

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