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This trip is so much different then when I was job-hunting my senior… - Sam's Journal

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February 24th, 2003

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10:17 am
This trip is so much different then when I was job-hunting my senior year of college. Then, it was the dot-com boom, everyone was hiring. After my first interview trip, I had an offer on the table from IBM. I decided to not play the game by their rules. I didn't wear a suit to any other interview. I only wore a tie once. And I still got more job offers, and companies were matching offers to try and get me to work with them. I would like to think that it was only due to me, but I know that the economy had a part to do with it.

So now it's 2003, not 1993. The economy is different, and I'm going to play by their rules. I have a $500 suit for interviewing. At least they're still paying for the trip. And I'm nervous. I want this job. The job sounds interesting, yes, but even better is that lisana would finally get to move home, which she's wanted for a while I figure. I was never entirely comfortable with the idea of living "in L.A." (even though it's not really in L.A.). If anything, babyraver has convinced me that living out there won't be so bad, and f0rge and aelien27 have confirmed that vibe several times over.

So I'm nervous. The interview isn't even until tomorrow! But I have a half hour until I need to get going, to get to the airport, park, and experience "homeland security" firsthand. I haven't flown since September 9, 2001... and much has changed since then.
Current Mood: nervousnervous

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