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Okay... umm... I'm back home. My "boss" knows that I'll be leaving, but I still have to do an official letter, but I warned him that I won't do that until Monday, after I've had some time to check things out.

Barring a big show-stopper, yes, I'm taking the Cali job. This means that my March Cali trip is no longer a Cali "trip" but a Cali "move." Have to cancel hotel, rental car, redo airline to a one-way ticket, get car & apartment moved, tons tons tons of stuff.

I have a much better write-up on Monday-Wednesday sitting at home on the laptop. I wanted to post it last night, but Acid Reflux caught up with me and I really didn't feel like messing with it. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight or *hint* *hint* I wouldn't mind if my baby did it for me (remember to split the story as I've marked) *hint* *hint*.

And to babyraver, f0rge, and aelien27, it was a blast meeting you in person for the first time. And k1mchee, kappadarappa, and chemicalwire, it was definitely a blast meeting you guys for the first time!

Anyway, a little more work and I'm probably taking the afternoon off to allow myself to sleep some more and get recovered from only 4 hours of sleep last night.

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