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Am I crazy? If I accept the job, then we'll be moving in 21 days. A… - Sam's Journal

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February 27th, 2003

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11:14 pm
Am I crazy?

If I accept the job, then we'll be moving in 21 days. A really agressive timetable. We've got a little saved up, but not a ton. I'll get some extra money with my last paycheck from the current job for PTO that I haven't taken, which should amount to about 3 weeks, maybe more, extra pay. And I'll get some of that reimbursed after the move is done.

There's a ton of stuff to get done. I need to pace myself, come up with a plan and just execute it. Tomorrow is the first step: getting my car serviced. It was due for an oil change anyway. Need to do a lot of work in the apartment this weekend as well, decide what we want to toss and get some boxes to start packing stuff that's going. The storage room is filled with empty boxes that we don't really need (computer monitor box, computer box, scanner box, et al). Time to reuse them for packing or toss them.

These will be an interesting 21 days. Hopefully I will remain sane. Or at least reasonably close to sane. Anyway, it's bed time now.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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