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More info on the new job. Pushing start date out a week isn't a problem. Getting all the info we need on stuff. I'm getting the answers I need to do this, and they're all the right answers.

Current theory is renting a Ryder/U-Haul truck, packing here w/ friends, driving cross-country over 4 or 5 days, and trying to find friends & family in the area out there to help us unload. Still going to ask a full-service mover to come and give us an estimate.

But it seems that by April 1, I will be living over in Southern California/Los Angeles area. Still have two days (Sat/Sun) to go over things and think of anything else we might have missed, but otherwise we (lisana and I) just have to get ourselves in gear and decide what to toss, start packing stuff, and make reservations. And cancel the original "end of March" California trip! :^)

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