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Destruction, Day 1

So I awoke this morning, somewhat disturbed about the amount of my paycheck that will be needed for a 2 bedroom apartment with a washer and dryer in the unit--the standard to which we are currently accusomted. I guess it's not really needed, and I suggested to Lis that maybe we could find a 1 bedroom apartment without the washer/dryer for less money to start, the first year at least. And then we'll have more time to look around and make sure we don't get shafted somewhere. It's still going to be more than I think Lis had expected, even with the economy measures. Anyway, I loaded up a ton of apartment information into Excel and I'm going to try and wring some usable information out of it later.

Meanwhile, we've started the destruction. I brought in the large boxes filled with the small Cherished Teddies boxes so that Lis can start working on them. While she was working on box #1 of boxes, I tossed a lot of boxes out of the storage room: Dreamcast, PlayStation, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube boxes, all gone. We also finally put the dead plants on our patio out of their misery & got rid of the plastic planters they were in. Two significant loads of junk out, and it was enough to let me get to the back of the storage room and find the other box full of Cherished Teddies boxes.

It we go the 1 bedroom route, we really have way too much junk. So, on the sell list is a 19" TV w/ stand & VCR, papasan chair, day bed, and the curio cabinet. I don't know if the curio cabinet will make it to the final list, though. I think it's a nice little curio cabinet, I doubt we could get a bigger one that would fit in a small apartment. We're also debating getting a new bed once we're out there. The current bed is only about 4 years old, but we're both starting to feel some springs poking us when we lay on it. Plus, I had it in my mind to get one of those "Select Comfort" style air-beds... so it's up in the air as an option right now.

Two weeks until we pick up the rental truck & load up. I also need to ask around and get a moving team here to help us load out. It shouldn't be too hard, though, as we have a first-floor apartment which practially eliminates dealing with stairs (except for the ramp onto the truck, which really isn't stairs then is it?). And I still haven't officially accepted.

I think I'm scared. This is a big thing. I like to be independent, and not have to ask people for help. But this move... it's going to require me asking people to help. Especially if things don't go exactly to plan. Two weeks seems like a long time, but it's not really long at all. My thinking brain says that the job pays well enough to cover us, but my emotions aren't sure--heck, are scared. In a month, hopefully, I will look back and wonder why I was so worried.

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