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What Is The Value Of A Person?

It's dark out, so I can't work on the storage room any more really. So after eating dinner, and seeing Lis get back to work & finishing packing her Cherised Teddies back up, I realized I should do something. So I came into the "computer room", got into the closet, and pulled out one box of random computer-related things. I gathered up a few other loose things from the floor, and took it to the dumpster. It was a hard thing for me to do.

How do you value a person? For the longest time... I felt that the stuff was my value. More stuff, more better. But the problem with that is more stuff, less mobility, more pain to move. So I'm stuck here... have lots of stuff & make move harder, or get rid of stuff, easier move, but feel that I'm throwing myself out as well.

Should I even care about my "stuff"? Maybe I need to start spending my money more on things that aren't physical things... trips, vacations, really nice dinners.

How much will this move really change me? Will I still be "me" afterwards? *sigh* In some ways I won't be... at least not for a while. This move is really going to make me be different for a while, and then we'll have to see how much of it hangs around.

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