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Destruction, Day 2

I tried to keep count of how many trips I made to the dumpster today. Tried, but failed. It was a lot of trips, no matter what.

But the storage room has been completely emptied, and now filled, packed boxes are in there waiting to be loaded. The Cherished Teddies are all packed away, and a lot of books have been taken care of as well. Lis got through a lot of the boxes of her stuff from the storage room, but there are still a few more to go through.

There's a growing "yard sale" box in the living room as well. We're not going to actually have time to do our own yard sale before the move, but hopefully my mom can take the stuff home with her and do some yard sales there to pass the stuff along to other people.

Between cleaning out the storage room, I've also done a little work on the computer room closet. Some more random computer parts have been taken care of, and the full-size music keyboard has been packed away into the storage room. There's a lot to do in there yet, but I hope to finish up by Wednesday evening. Right now, I think that the computer room closet is the single biggest mess to take care of.

I just have to keep myself on task, set reasonable goals, and do them. And not slack off too much. I hit today's goal. Hopefully I will make Wednesday's as well. Although the more I think about what's in that computer closet, the less likely Wednesday seems.

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