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Destruction, Day 4

*Jev presses the big "pause" button on the move.*

This morning is going to require some standard life-things attention, as there are medical appointments to deal with. However, I'll be out of work this afternoon as well, allowing us to take care of some things, like getting boxes for hanging clothing, getting more liquor boxes for general moving, and hopefully going by the rental place with two cat carriers to guesstimate the fit of the kitties into the cab with us.

This evening, we will probably get our butts back into gear and continue cleaning the computer room closet. I've got a box of old textbooks from school that I've never looked at since moving here almost 4 years ago. I'll go through them, and just start tossing books that don't appear useful. I should've just sold 'em back when I had the opportunity, and gotten $5 and a Taco Bell lunch for them. C'est la vie.

I think I'll try and be a bit more selective about the junk I buy in the future. At least I say this now, while I'm having to pack everything up.

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