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And Down To Business...

It's a long one... so for the weak of heart, it's been cut.

So we took care of the medical appointment. While we were doing this, however, lisana asked me if I had a half-day or full-day off from work, and I couldn't remember what I had asked for. So just before Noon I called in and found out that I had only scheduled a half-day off. But I talked my manager into the full day. Really, he seems to think there's a lot of stuff that I have to get done before I leave, but really... unlike a lot of people, I've already written down all the technical things that someone else will have to do. I did it quite a while ago, actually. I'm waiting on them to tell me who I need to bring up to speed. And there's only like two development things left for me, one of which I cannot complete before I leave and they know that.

Anyway... we did the doctor, then went to the Budget Rent-A-Car place by the airport and checked out the trucks. I didn't realize how massive the 24' moving trucks are. And really, we don't have that much stuff. So I converted down to a 15' truck rental, and if that's not enough we can squeeze some stuff into the car, which will be towed behind the truck. The main reason we went was to check out the cat carriers would fit in the truck... they wouldn't with the 24', but the 15' has a nice little space where they could go. Now it's more a matter of... this is going to be stressful enough as is. How stressful is this going to be on the cats? Is there a better way to have them travel?

Really... I should let Lis fly out there and save her the hassle of the drive. The problem with that, then, is that I would have to do the entire drive myself. Which I really don't want to do. It's good to have someone else there to help keep your spirits up. My mom or dad normally would be more than happy to drive along and then fly back, but my dad is starting some medical treatments that week and he'll need my mom around to take care of the house. And my sister... no. Even if she was available, one of us would die before we got to Oklahoma.

I don't really have any friends who I could talk into it, either. And even if I did, Lis would have to call some friends out in California to get her from the airport & to the apartment complex to sign the lease. It's just a mess. So it's really just a question of do the cats go with us or not. I'm just worried that 5, 6, maybe 7 nights of strange hotel rooms will really really wear on them. I'd rather spend some more money and be sure the kitties had the best trip possible. *sigh*

Anyway... back on subject. While we were looking at the trucks, we also got some moving supplies. The Budget store didn't have any clothing boxes, but we did get 1 dish pack box and a box of newsprint paper for Lis to wrap stuff in (without worrying about newsprint ink). We headed down to another Budget location, and picked up two hanging clothes boxes... which wouldn't fit in the car. Damn. So I go and ask for some rope, ready to be charged for it, but they gave me a spool of twine and some cutters and just asked me to return the unused part to them. So I tried tying the two flat boxes down to the top of the car, and then I pull out of the parking lot.

Well I got on the road and as I hit 15 mph, the front of the boxes started lifting up. So I opened my window and grabbed the boxes and tried to hold them down. Lis did the same on her side, but a little farther down the road we admitted defeat. We untied the boxes, and added a few non-designed creases to the cardboard, and shoved them inside the car. We got home and brought them in, and one of the boxes appears to have mostly survived its folding ordeal... although the other has a nasty gash in the side that I do not know if I can repair. At least one was salvaged. And next time, I will either wait for moving day and bring them home on the truck, or ask a friend with a pickup or a minivan to take me to buy those boxes.

At this point, we came home and I made the aforementioned call into work. I also called my insurance company to ask about changing my insurance for the move. They said to give them a call when I have a new residence address. But I forced them to let me change my billing from paycheck witholding to an automated monthly EFT. At least now I don't have to worry about losing my insurance when my current job stops paying me. But they needed me to come in and sign the EFT paperwork, which I arranged to do after lunch.

So we went to Heavenly Ham for lunch, then went by another alphabet store and got more liquor boxes, then we swung by the insurance office so I could do paperwork. We came home, and I collapsed on the sofa for a bit, and then took some finished boxes out to the storage room. Lis and I started re-casing our CD collection (pulling the discs from the 400-disc changer and putting them into their correct cases), and then I heard an IM ding. Lis's reacting was that her computer was off, so I came in to see who IM'ed me. But no IM's on my computer, and when I turned off my away, I heard her computer react with the notice sound. So I informed her that her computer has disobeyed her and stayed on, and she checked on her IM's.

At this point, I opened my friend's view and then realized I could post an entry. But then... that was a while ago. Maybe I'll be going and do some more preparing for the move.

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