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Seems that the pet van line isn't going to work, primarily due to their lack of ability to answer the phone or check voice-mail. In a way, this isn't bad--I know lisana and I would have worried continuously if we sent the kitties along separately. It just means that there's a bit more for us to do during our trip, and a small incentive to just get it done in as little time as possible.

Hopefully the packing will be a bit more productive tonight for me. Last night I was wiped out, mostly due to playing in a team ping-pong tournament here at work. The teams were assigned by drawing names from a hat, and I got a good partner, and we did win the tournament, yay! But I played 4 matches, each best two out of three, for a good hour and a half of play time yesterday. Took a lot of energy out of me.

But I did haul a few more loads of junk to the dumpster, and put a few more fully-packed boxes into the storage room. Steady progress, that's all we need right now.

And tonight, after I collapse and have no moving energy left, I need to sit down with the mapping program and decide on where our stops will be during the move, and call the hotels to ensure that they will take cats.

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