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So after wallowing in self-pity for a while last night, I got off my butt and started packing up the video game systems. We bought some bubble wrap so that I could protect them a bit, while putting them all in one box. This was going well, until I snipped a little too close to my hand with the scissors and cut myself on that little flap of skip between the thumb and index finger. Ouch! After that, I got lisana to be my appointed scissor handler, which helped out a lot. I'm still keeping a bandage on it, but it seems a lot better this morning.

Anyway, today I hope to finish up cleaning out the computer room closet. My parents should be here in an hour or two, and then I hope to get my mom to help pack up dishes in the kitchen. I figure we'll just do freezer meals and paper plates for the next week, so that we have the dish packing done.

Back to work...

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