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At 10:30 this morning, lisana decided that Munchie needed to go to the Vet because she'd been vomiting a lot lately. So we got an 11:30 appointment... and my parents still hadn't arrived. Fortunately, they did get here just before 11, and we went off to the appointment after going over a quick list of what goes, what stays, and what's fair game for my family to claim.

Munchie was a serious pain at the vet's office. The vet took great pains to explain to us how this was inappropriate behavior, and made Lis feel really really bad. But Munchie is fully up-to-date on shots, and has a treatment plan for this weekend. Peanut has an appointment for Monday, so that we can get her up-to-date on shots as well. Probably a good thing to have as we move cross-country.

The apartment is starting to look bare in places due to my parent's work. The day bed is disassembled, and mostly loaded into the car right now. Several pieces of furniture have been loaded as well. This might just be doable after all...

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