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Lazy Day

Catching up with some shows off of my TiVo today--a lot of TV.

My primary hope for today is no more water draining from my apartment's ceilings.

This morning, I finally played with my digital camera and grabbed a face shot to stick on the journal. Hopefully I won't break any of your screens with my mug shot. But I had some fun making the image--mostly from playing with Paint Shop Pro. A little transparency color and putting it in a nice web file format (PNG), an upload to the journal, and the digital magic is done. It was quite fun, making me think that maybe I should play around with photography a bit more.

Of course, that would require finding something to photograph. The cats can't really object, but they don't sit still long enough to frame a shot. Lis and I really aren't photographic material. And my apartment... hmm, would probably have several environment agencies after me if they saw pictures of this place.

How'd the apartment get this messy? Probably a few too many lazy days. Nasty cycle there.

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