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Today is "Service Day". I have an appointment to get the front… - Sam's Journal

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March 10th, 2003

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06:55 am
Today is "Service Day". I have an appointment to get the front passenger's seatbelt fixed on my car at 8am. I have a vet appointment to get Peanut up-to-date on shots at 7:30am. I have, as I write this, about 25 minutes until I have to leave today.

Other things to accomplish today:
  • Go to Budget, buy more boxes (this scrounging box stuff sucks)

  • Call Paul & Bill (two of my references) and tell them that I got the job (which I should have done a week ago)

  • Deposit rebate check before it expires.

  • Use or give away Fuddrucker's gift certificate (good at local location only).

  • Carry stuff to dumpster.

  • Do more packing.

  • Call utilities to arrange service turn-off.

  • Current Mood: determineddetermined

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    Date:March 10th, 2003 04:17 am (UTC)

    long day

    sounds like a long, long day. when is the official move date again? i hope you and lisana are okay.

    [User Picture]
    Date:March 10th, 2003 05:43 am (UTC)
    We pick up the moving van this Saturday (3/15). Then Sunday or Monday, we will hit the road & be on our way. (It will be Sunday, unless the apartment complex insists that I must be there when keys are returned, otherwise my Mom will do that on Monday for me--the apartment complex office isn't open on Sundays.)

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