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Fuck Airborne Express. Their delivery people, anyway. We had a… - Sam's Journal

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March 11th, 2003

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09:56 am
Fuck Airborne Express. Their delivery people, anyway.

We had a package shipped to us, for delivery today. lisana was home, ready to answer the door for the package. But I just tracked it online, and guess what? They delivered it to the apartment complex office! Didn't even come to our door and knock!

Bastards! Fucking Bastards! Fucking Retarded Bastards!

This is, what, the third time in a row that they did this? Oh, and of course the office can't decline delivery of our package, because it'd be too much work. Boo hoo. We're paying you HOW MUCH for this place? It's significantly more than the local average, I'll say that much. And you can't take the time to say, "Oh, 3349 #2, sorry, can't sign for them." Fuckers. It's called a little list of addresses on the walls, and just check the address of all the packages, how long could that take? 5 seconds per package?

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Date:March 11th, 2003 08:31 am (UTC)
Not really pressure, just getting tired of the stupid Airborne Express deliveryperson. The package was a little FM-transmitter for sending audio to an FM radio, so that we can use our various musical devices in the moving van, which isn't guaranteed to have a cassette deck but is guaranteed to have an AM/FM radio.

'cause driving across Arizona with nothing... nothing... on the radio would suck.

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