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Anybody out there have insurance policies with Liberty Mutual? Well I do, at least until the current policy year expires, and let me tell you about the mess that they've given me...

I'm moving from Virginia to California. So my current job is ending, and I had to go get my Direct Debt changed to a monthly billing plan. So I go in, do paperwork, all smiles & happy. That was a week ago. Today I have an "urgent" message on my phone mail from the same agent, how my account has a significant balance due, and that they have to get the entire amount by the end of the month... an entire amount that's almost 1/2 of my annual premium. Insert dribble about how payroll deduction lags behind and how they "allow" you to stay behind in this manner with payroll deduction, but if you change to a different mechanism then everything is due.


I hate surprises like this!

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