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Progress Report

Okay, I've called Cox Cable, and arranged for service to be turned off on Friday (3/14) and for them to come sometime during that day to collect the cable box. (If they forget or don't show, then I'll just have to take it back on Saturday morning.) Also called Verizon and arranged for the telephone to be turned off on Monday (3/17) and to provide my cell phone number as a reference number on the da-de-da message.

I also signed us up for a dial-up account to use Friday/Saturday and during the trip (and probably for a few days when we set up in California, until we can get a high-speed connection established).

Still uncertain on what to do about the apartment check-out. They want me to keep paying the electric bill until my lease expires, but if I give them the keys, then I worry that they might really destroy my power bill for me. *sigh* Hard call...

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