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And this is why Glade Creek Apartments suck.

They will only do move-out "inspections" on Monday-Friday. No Saturday. No Sunday.

The staff there has gone really downhill since we moved in. Even if we weren't moving to California, we'd probably be moving to another apartment when the lease was up in May.

Oh well. Maybe I should ask if they have to have me there for the inspection...


Well, no, I don't have to be there for the move-out, but it'd be "my word against theirs." When I said I'd take pictures of my apartment before I left, and that they could take pictures if there was a problem, there wasn't a warm reception to the idea. But I can get a pre-inspection on Friday. Oh boy. And I'd have until 2pm Saturday to return keys to the one person who works on Saturday. (No maintenance workers are scheduled Saturday or Sunday, and I assume that maintenance workers do the inspections.)

I'm thinking back to the originial plan, letting my mom do the move-out on Monday, maybe with a pre-inspection on Friday so that I can argue with them and save my mom the hassle. But they have to finish up by 4pm, so I'd have to do pre-inspection around 3:30pm at the latest. *sigh* So... annoying...

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