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Okay, trying to put today's events into a logical flow... I wanted… - Sam's Journal

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March 13th, 2003

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07:10 pm
Okay, trying to put today's events into a logical flow...

I wanted to get to Liberty Mutual first thing in the morning, but because I had an 8:30am meeting at work, that got tossed. So I resolved to leave a bit early to take care of it (which I did).

I called the local apartment office to check on move-on options, still have to decide what to do. I guess I'll just have my mom do it for me, and we'll try and get going on Saturday. Right now, I just want to be on the road. I hope that things will calm down and I will feel better then.

Starting out on Saturday means arriving in California on Saturday, so I called Apartment Option #1 and made sure I could do move-in on Saturday. They said it could be done, if they faxed me stuff that I could express back to them tomorrow and get the paperwork started. Really, it would take something major for me not to move in there. I just want this taken care of now, and option #1 is option #1 is option #1. So we have paperwork, which will be sent Express Mail tomorrow, along with $160.

Then there's the mess of getting certified funds for the rest of the move-in amount. They insist on having it in certified funds. *sigh* It'll cost me $50 to have that check cut, as my bank is a virtual Internet bank and it's $25 for the check and $25 for express delivery.

Going to be a hefty check, too. Money it going to be close, but that's also based on my not factoring in my "leave balance" pay-out from work, which should be more than another paycheck. Tomorrow I need to ask when I'll get that.

There's also worries in my head about when I get my first new-company paycheck. Cash could be really tight for the first few weeks. Amen for Visa. Of course, after the dust settles I'm going to have to be a really really really good boy and get all the plastic paid off. *sigh*

This is going to be such a messy few weeks. I really really really need to be surrounded by a lot of people with positive thoughts right now. Or at least on my first night there.

So, I'm warning babyraver, f0rge, and aelien27 (well, and kappadarappa, k1mchee, and... umm... Bill (can't remember the lj id there) too!) to be prepared to come to Costa Mesa and an empty apartment and... ummm... well... rescue me?
Current Mood: stressedstressed

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Date:March 14th, 2003 04:37 am (UTC)

sounds fun

that sounds so awesome. you and lisana are gonna have a blast out there.

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