Sam (jevim) wrote,

Location: Morristown, TN
Distance: 220? Miles
Fuel Cost: $30

So, at 8:30am, Glen arrived to take me to Budget to pick up the truck. We arrived there a little before 9am, which was my "reserved" pick-up time. There was only one person working (or so it appeared), and there was another pick-up group ahead of us. It took him about, oh, 40 minutes to do their truck. So, a little after 9am, he started on ours. The best laid plans... On top of it, they did not have the "tow dolly" that I had reserved, but they were convinced to give me the full tow trailer at the tow dolly rate. After all was said and done, we were out of there and back at my apartment a bit after 10am.

We unhitched the trailer, and backed the truck up to load stuff. Glen's brother, Wade, and a friend, Mike, joined us to help load. Anna came back after her Friday-night packing assitance, and my Mom came from West Virginia as well. I wish I could say more about the loading, but everything was going so fast and furious that I really never had much time to think about anything.

At lunch, Glen's wife, Denise, brought shepard's pie over, as well as Glen and Denise's two kids, Luke and Jacob. The shepard's pie was wonderful, even though it ruined my plan of buying lunch for the entire moving crew.

Around 3pm we finished loading. In the meantime, Glen's parents (whose names escape me) came by as well. Glen's dad was a great help in getting the trailer re-attached, the combination turned around, and the car loaded. We hit the road a little after 3, on the way out of Virginia.

Getting to Tennessee was a little important to me; we're officially "not in Virginia" anymore. If we had stayed around in Virginia tonight, I think I would have feared the drive; moving trucks with trailers don't handle like the average car! ^_^ But, having gotten over two hundred miles under my belt, I feel better. I worry how I will feel in a few more days, but we will deal with that as it happens, right?

I've tried to get online tonight, but I was getting some login problems with Earthlink. Maybe I'll try again later... it was impressive, though, because I realized that the laptop case didn't have the phone cord in it that is usually in there. I had to steal the "handset" cord, but I made it work. I could hear it dial & everything, but the authentication failed.

Oh well... at least we're safe & on our way...

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