Sam (jevim) wrote,


The local Morristown dial-up still won't authenticate me. Oh well, I guess we'll have to try it tomorrow.


8:34pm CST

Can't get Memphis dial-up to authenticate me, so I'm on hold for Earthlink tech support.

Location: West Memphis, AR
Distance: 678 Miles
Miles Per Gallon: 9 (as of 581 Miles)

We hit the road just after 9am this morning, and had a rather uneventful day until I decided I wanted to hit a Wendy's for lunch. The Wendy's we happened across taught me what not to do with this truck...

I pulled in to the parking lot, which lacked a real good location for a trailer to park. Didn't stop me, however, until I realized that I wasn't parked well at all. I did manage to get out of the lot without damanging anything, but it was close. I found a good, empty lot next to the Wendy's and parked the truck there. Just a quick walk to the store and I was back with lunch, which we ate on a little grassy area next to the truck.

After that, we were back on the road. We stopped off in Memphis, TN to let Lisana meet up with two EverQuesters who had visited us in Roanoke. We had dinner with them at Cracker Barrel, and then made our way to West Memphis, so that in the morning we shouldn't have much traffic to deal with.

We're at a little Motel 6 by the freeway, of course the only first-floor rooms available face the roadway. It's not terribly bad, though, and the kitties seem to be dealing with it well.

Gotta stay up another half hour at least, and then I can lay down. I've had a minor headache all day, and until dinner caffiene was doing a good job keeping it under control. I popped an aspirin after dinner, but it's still just hanging around. I think I need a good night's sleep to shake the headache.

I would really like to get online tonight as well, but as I'm still waiting for tech support (8:41), it's not looking likely.



Did finally get through to Earthlink tech support; of course the access number I was using was "restricted access"... and all the alternates they provided aren't local calls. I even tried the 800#, but the modems won't negotiate. *sigh* I guess my fix will have to wait another day...

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