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Location: Oklahoma City, OK Distance: 1100? Miles Cracker Barrels… - Sam's Journal

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March 17th, 2003

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07:57 pm
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Distance: 1100? Miles
Cracker Barrels Visited: 3

We sorta hoped to get to Clinton, OK, tonight, but two things stopped us: tornado watch and Clinton doesn't have an Earthlink dial-up to try. Fortunately, the Oklahoma City dial-up works, so we're online for the first time in a while. Hooray!

I called the new apartment complex, and confirmed that our application has been approved. I submitted a request to my bank for a Cashier's Check; I'll have to check on it in the morning to make sure it's going through. My mom also got us moved out of our old apartment today; they're charging us $65 or so to have the carpet cleaned... but they'll probably just tear out & replace the carpet anyway, so why are they cleaning it? Go figure...

Was able to chat with my mom and babyraver for a bit. Definitely nice to talk with people. I let babyraver know that we're about a half day ahead of schedule, which means we might actually make it there on Friday; that would be nice because it means no driving (well, no massive moving driving) on my birthday!

Time to let lisana have a little computer time...
Current Mood: tiredtired

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