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Can I just turn the van around tomorrow and start heading back to Virginia?

This is getting scary for me. Tomorrow we will hopefully sign an apartment lease in Costa Mesa. And then I've got a week to take care of documentation updates for myself and the car and the bank accounts and credit cards and probably twenty other things I'm not thinking of.

Now I know that I can't unload the moving truck myself... while I can do a lot of it, some things (bed, couch) need two people to move. I don't know who I can count on to help unload out here... lisana thinks her dad & some of his friends will help, but I don't know when (or if) she will call him. I know babyraver has offered to help, but I don't know if that includes unloading or unpacking, or if she has any friends who would be willing to help.

Part of me feels I've set up a wonderful situation to blow up in my face. Not since college have I had friends that I really did things with. And even then, it was with other people in the same dorm. I just don't know how it really works in real life; I don't know what's reasonable to expect. Now, granted, getting here two days ahead of the "schedule" sorta throws a wrench into everything.

But then I see people making plans for this weekend, and I guess I don't know how/when/if our move-in fit into their plans. Of course, journals probably aren't the best place to actually make plans for things I guess. *sigh*

I guess I'm just having a lot of panic right now. It's all settling in now, the magnitude of this. It has me scared. But lisana is so tired from the drive today, I don't really want to bug her about it. *sigh* Besides, my mouth was messing things up enough without bringing my fears up today.

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