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Don't Mind Me... I'm Just A Tourist

Well, first, my sincerest thanks to babyraver and f0rge for coming down yesterday to take us away to the sweet land of broadband and TiVo, and then coming back today to help unload the truck. Of course, I still have to get that rental truck turned in (might have been a good thing to just *get* *done*, but it should be doable tomorrow. I hope.

It's just a series of paranoias and panics. Right now, I just want the truck to go back and, voila, it's done, everything else should be better. (Of course, this will change after the return of the truck.)

But as I drive around... I just feel like a tourist. I feel like this apartment is a hotel room. (The landscaping outside really adds to that feeling for me.) Everything is new and different looking, and I just feel like I'm not driving "right".

We hit Target for a few supplies, and I wanted to hit Cingular to look at cell phones, but we missed them by half an hour. So I got back on Harbor and just decided to drive past the apartment and see what was farther down that way. There's a Tower, and lots more restaurants. Harbor ends at Newport Boulevard, and we took that down to PCH, went on PCH for a little (because I couldn't get out of the turn lane on Newport), turned around, and came home. I felt like such a tourist, but I could definitely smell the ocean, even if I couldn't see it that well.

Did I mention that the moving truck is unloaded?

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