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What a bloody terrible morning.

Today I did get the moving van & tow trailer returned to the designated location. It was not fun.

Around 7am, I walked out to where I had parked the trailer, and found that there were cars parked suck that I couldn't back the truck up to the trailer to attach it. I was stressing major, and lisana and I just went out to work on other things, hoping that the vehicles blocking my trailer would move. At 8:30am-ish, when we actually left, the trailer was still blocked.

Around 9:30am, we were at Cingular working on new cell phones & service, and my old cell phone rang. It was the apartment office, threatening to tow my trailer if it wasn't moved in an hour. I said it was parked in; they said it was all clear. So we left Cingular with our paperwork half-done to get the trailer & return it. But when we got here, one of the same vehicles was still there blocking the trailer in.

They hemmed and hawed, but finally said they'd call and get the blocking vehicle towed. I sorta feel bad for that, but it was mine or theirs, and I'm not that generous-feeling right now. (Bad me.) However, it was taking forever for the tow truck to arrive. I started pushing the trailer a bit and figured out an angle where I could slowly (inches at a time) move this hitch to a position where I could get it attached to the truck.

I owe Lisana a real big apology for my behavior right around this time. I needed help to line the truck & trailer up as I backed up, and I had tried to explain what I needed from here, but I guess I did a poor job and she was having the hardest time with it. And I wasn't being very helpful either, so it was a bit stressful. We did get it lined up & hooked up, and then I pulled around to straighten everything up... and the trailer was being held on by the safety chains only! ACK!

So I got it stopped, and readjusted the trailer, and got it set on better (and remembered to hook up the lighting wires this time). Then I loaded up the car (again with Lis's help), and we were on our way. Until I kept hearing weird metal noises...

I found an easy pull-off into a parking area on Harbor, and went back to check it out. I had neglected to fully raise the stand that lifts & lowers the front of the trailer, so I fully raised it and we got going again, with a lot fewer sound effects.

Traffic down the 405 wasn't bad until we hit the "Orange Crush" (where I-405 South flows back onto I-5 south). Then it sucked. Driving the truck & trailer in busy traffic really really sucked. But we got it back, without filling the tank. It was worth the $25 + $4/gallon just to be rid of the damn truck!

Anyway... after that, we hit Sizzler for lunch, and then returned to Cingular to finish the cell phone stuff. Then home, returned the move-in inspection papers to the office, and tried to relax a bit while programming all our phone numbers into our new phones.

Now I just need to relax a bit so I'm ready to drive up to babyraver & f0rge's place for dinner. I've been feeling so run down, we're going to take "crash supplies" again, just so we have the option should I be really really out of it tonight.

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