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We have purchased a refrigerator! Sort of...

We went out this morning with the goal of finding a refrigerator and purchasing it. First stop was Winchell's for donuts & drinks, and a little time to read over the Sunday paper (and ads). Fry's was the first thing open, so we headed there first. We found a neat little bottom-mount refrigerator (meaning the freezer is on the bottom, main fridge above), that was smallish (10 cu. ft.), but should be large enough for our family of two + guests. It's also physically compact, meaning it should fit well into the kitchen. But it was a stainless steel finish, which we didn't care for.

Ah, but the tag said that it also was available in white... for $200 less, even! This caught our attention, and was placed on the list. We headed out, and eventually checked out Home Depot (no refrigerators at all) and Best Buy (no refrigerators that were as perfect). So we returned to Fry's to buy the refrigerator.

Of COURSE they didn't have it in stock. Fortunately (after several looks through the computer) they located one in the Anaheim store that they can deliver to us on Wednesday, 10am-2pm window. It took a good hour to finish paperwork and get checked out. It was a mess; their computer system was completely unable to deal with "move item from other store here" and "deliver item from this store to customer" in a single transaction. And no one really knew the "right thing" to do. At one time, there were three people talking about what to do, and I felt like no one was listening to the other people. It was aggravating.

But they finished the paperwork and gave us a copy. If it gets here as scheduled, great, no ill will. If this gets messed up, however, I wonder if I will ever return to that Fry's (or any others) for a long, long time.

But it's almost evening now, I'm going to try and get lisana's computer set up this evening, and hope that its modem will connect on dial-up better than this laptop.

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