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Buffy night at babyraver and f0rge's went well (even if we had to bail before actually Buffy-watching got underway). I think lisana definitely enjoyed the conversation a bit more this visit, since her sinus-congestion-coughy-thing was easing away (as mine was showing up). I would've stayed for Buffy & crashed, but I had to be here (at home) for delivery of my refrigerator today.

Fry's had a hard time actually selling us the refrigerator on Sunday. The delivery, however, was made in the window promised, and of the correct model. It's now plugged in and cooling down. I forgot to allow time for the refrigerator to actually get cold (24 hours before the freezer is at proper temperature), so we didn't do much grocery shopping today. We did go buy some drink stuff (since it doesn't need to be refrigerated), but everything else will wait until after my smog-test tomorrow.

9am appointment for the smog test. Hopefully everything will be fine, and then tomorrow afternoon or Friday I can get my title paperwork done and have some California plates on the way.

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