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The smog test... oh what fun. I got to the Saturn dealer at about 8:30am for my 9am appointment, just to be told that, "Well, the smog machine's been broken for the last week, I don't know why they let you schedule that." So we just found a random place that had a Smog Test sign and got it taken care of. Fortunately, my car did pass with flying colors, so now I just have to get to the DMV and finish the paperwork. I wasn't sure how much it was going to be, and the DMV only takes cash or check; we didn't have a checkbook, and didn't have much cash either, so we opted to leave rather than wait and be very disappointed that we didn't have enough cash.

We didn't get back there today, but we will hopefully get it done tomorrow. I checked online for making an "appointment", but they don't have an appointment available until April 8 at the earliest. So we'll be venturing the lines...

We did get some grocery shopping done today. Really, since we're adjusting to the new refrigerator I didn't want to get too much stuff today. But we got a small collection of things, and we're learning what fits and what doesn't. It's a different arrangement of space from the old refrigerator in Roanoke to our new one. We'll just have to learn what fits & what doesn't.

Last night I had an acid reflux attack. So I didn't get much sleep. I didn't get much napping in today either. So I'm really really tired right now and looking forward to bed, but I'm worried. It's been a while since I refluxed twice in the same week. I probably need to get more exercise in, but I'm just too damn tired tonight to do it. *sigh* Just need to get everything back in a schedule so that I can work some exercise in.

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