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The D&D Experience

So lisana and I rolled our characters yesterday. I had wanted a dwarf character, potionmaker or some such, but dwarves don't make good wizards or potionmakers. So I'm a warrior. A little short, stocky dwarven warrior who wants to be a grand epic hero, but it really really really bad at it right now.

But we started rolling our characters around 2:30, did that and started playing, and wrapped around 10ish. We had to crash at babyraver & maus' pad, 'cause I just wasn't really alert enough to drive home. But this morning, we hit the road before our hosts were up so we could go have breakfast with Lis's dad.

Well, not with, per se. Lis's dad is in the Elks, and on the fifth Sunday of the month he works in the kitchen for the Sunday breakfast. So we just showed up there and surprised him a little bit. We had a nice breakfast (far too much food to finish!), and then hit Target on the way home to pick up some laundry supplies. Today, we give the laundry facilities the first spin as we do our laundry.

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