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Okay, so I was bad and didn't post on my first day of work. It went… - Sam's Journal

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April 1st, 2003

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08:38 pm
Okay, so I was bad and didn't post on my first day of work. It went well, but then what does that mean, anyway? I guess it would be a really bad sign if the first day of work didn't go well. But this week is basically going to be spent reading documentation and trying to learn the basic procedures of the company.

Anyway, the DSL install kit came today, and everything's been set up without trouble. Hoorah broadband! I guess I'll give it a day or two before I go & close out the Earthlink dial-up account.
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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Date:April 2nd, 2003 12:20 am (UTC)
Hehe... after the first month, that's when I want a report. "^_^"

Getting familiar with things in the beginning is always the hardest part. hehe

Well... that and fearing layoffs. *snicker*

Glad to hear things are normal so far. ;) How about another report on your new home? ;) Liking California yet? Huh? Huh? "^_^"
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Date:April 2nd, 2003 07:45 am (UTC)
How about another report on your new home? ;) Liking California yet? Huh? Huh? "^_^"

Well, the apartment is finally starting to feel like "home". I still haven't set up my own desktop computer, but I might get around to that tonight. The quantity of boxes is slowly being reduced, and soon we might have to deal with what to do with the big open area in the living room where all the boxes had been! The apartment complex still hasn't come back to fix the toilet in the master bathroom yet, so I guess Lis or I will have to bug them about it some more.

Liking California... that's a loaded question, I tell ya! First off, Lis is liking California, and that's why we moved. :-) There are some pretty nice things about living here... even if my sense of cold is incorrect for the area! It's definitely a different environment than I've ever lived in. Someday I'll have to buy liquor just for the purpose of buying liquor somewhere other than a state liquor store--but I'll have to find something small!

Personally, I think I've been a California driver for a long time--before moving here! I think I picked a lot of it up when I was doing co-op work in the Washington, DC, metro area. But in Roanoke, everyone... reacted... so... slow... and because of this, all the lights ran long cycles, and it was really annoying. Out here, they expect a slightly better reaction time and can run the lights on shorter cycles. I don't think anyone ever reacted faster to a green (or yellow/red, for that matter) than I did in Roanoke, but most of the time someone else moves before me at the light (although I'm usually not the last one to move, either).

This could almost be an entirely new journal entry! Heehee!

My "normal" work hours would be from 9am - 6pm, although there's a lot of flexibility with that. The other three coders on my team tend to work 11am-8pm, taking lunch around 2:30. So I guess I'll have to figure out what hours work best for me, but best of all it does mean that I can occasionally do late-nightish things by doing an early day the day before (9-6), and then a late day the day after (11-8).

So... ummm... I guess there were some answers in there, somewhere. :^)

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