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First, obligatory work notes: There was a first-week schedule of reading documentation prepared for me to follow this week. However, I've basically finished all of it, or at least a first pass through everything. One of the other developers says he'll quiz me a bit tomorrow to see what I've picked up. I'm hoping it will show me what sections of the documents are the most important (and therefore need a good re-reading).

Homelife time then. I took a different route home this evening, as I'm still searching for the best route home. Tonight was pretty good, although it did involve using a toll road, and I don't know if it improved on the free route enough to qualify as my main path.

Anyway, I got to the apartment complex and, once inside the parking lot gate, called Lis so she could meet me outside for tonight's shopping trip. I managed to come around the lot before she was out, so I had to pull aside and put my blinkers on. I would swear that some people (walking in the parking lot) gave me the meanest stares I've ever experienced as I waited for Lis. *sigh*

Lis had already decided where our main shopping would be, but hadn't picked out a place for dinner. This escalated in my head a bit, and resulted in some tense emotions for me. I guess I had expected that once we were out here Lis would never have a problem picking a place for dinner ever again. Obviously not the right assumption to have made. We ended up sitting in the car in a McDonald's parking lot for a good 20, maybe 30, minutes before I got under control again and we went in to eat.

The shopping trip went okay; we managed to pick up all the items on the list Lis had made, as well as a few other things that we realized were needed once we were there (such as Q-tips!).

So that was my day.

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