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Thank Heaven for VNC

Okay, for a few months now my mom has been using what used to be our dial-up connection for herself (since we now have cable). She's decided she wants it in her name (as opposed to mine--she's been putting away the monthly fee each month and gave it to me today), and my sister helped her call and get the account set up.

Okay, so they're trying to get it working, and of course I get called as tech support. With my sister's cell phone, they can talk to me (well, more on that later) while they're trying to dial up/are dialed up. But, the cell phone connection wasn't very good and I couldn't hear my sister worth a crap. As she says the battery is dying, I realize that they're online now, and we can use ICQ. Then I remember VNC, and figure that if I can get them on VNC, I can run the computer for them.

So, I get ICQ to send them the file with the VNC installer, and they get it installed. I take over the computer, and fix my sister's goofs. For probably never having to use a shared-cursor chat before, I think she did very well when I opened Notepad to chat with them. (Voice connection was out of the question, as the remote computer is a 486DX2/66... yes, there's still at least one of those on the Internet.)

But it's all fixed now. Hallelujah for VNC!

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