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Unfamiliar Territory

Ah, Thursday night. The last night of the week before the weekend. Knowing that you only have one more day of work until you can have a nice, fun weekend. We'll just forget about all that nasty Monday stuff for the time being, and remember that weekends are great.

When you don't have friends around, Thursday night is pretty boring and simple. The weekend isn't that much different that weeknights, except that you can goof around all day if you want.

But now we have friends around. Friends who we could meet up with and do things with. When we first arrived, things were pretty easy... other people sorta pulled things together for us. Or, at least, it felt that way.

It's our fourth weekend in California. Getting close to a month since we arrived & signed the lease. And I feel that I should be putting something together, inviting people down to our place for something.

But there are just two problems there... first, I don't have a clue on entertaining guests. I mean... other than coming here to just hang out, I don't of anything to offer to do, except like video games or a movie or something. And secondly, with us being an hour away from most of our friends, I feel bad about inviting them down.

Let me explain... I guess, I feel that if I invite people down, they'll feel like they should accept the offer. And if there are multiple people coming, each driving down, then there are parking problems and the fact that they're all having to waste an hour getting down here, when if we came up that way only two of us would have to do the drive. Not to mention that the parking sucks if we don't get parking passes in time...

Beyond that... do I wait for someone to mention something to us? Do I ask people what's up this weekend? How do I keep myself from coming off as... ummm... crazy? Okay, so everyone knows I'm crazy already. How do I keep myself from sounding even crazier?

It's unfamiliar territory... I don't know how things are supposed to work. I don't want to appear stupid, naive, clueless, or anything. I don't want to bug people to where they feel pressured to include us.

*sigh* Of course... I know that most of my friends read my journal and will see this. I guess... I feel I can explain myself better in here than if I just started asking questions right off. Pretty hard to toss all of this into an IM before saying, "so, has anyone talked about D&D this weekend yet?" ^_^

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