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I think that everybody has some little addiction. EverQuest. Watching TV. Drinking soda. Smoking cigarettes. Writing Journals.

I should aim not to describe people by their addictions. When I tried that, I found out that people (well, one in particular :-) think of a lot of what I do as addictions.

Journaling. Watching TV. Drinking soda. To me, these aren't addicitions... but I act weird if I don't do any of them for a while. So they aren't wrong, I do act like an addict. The trick is, though, to not do any of them occasionally. (That is, take a break. Do something different.)

So last night was "no computers". Lis & I watched a movie... granted, at home, but we were thinking of a theatre but there was nothing that jumped out as "interesting" to her. A nice dinner out, then we came home and watched a movie. Together.

And don't start telling me that the DVD player is, technically at some level, a computer.

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